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Carcass ProductsCarcass Products
Almost all of the beef produced at J.W. Treuth is shipped in carcass form. Expressions commonly used include "hanging" beef, "swinging" beef, or "rail" beef. Front quarters and hind quarters are hung from a hook and transported accordingly. A typical load is comprised of 50 cattle or 100 front quarters and 100 hind quarters. The total weight ranges from 40 to 50 thousand pounds. With prices generally under $1.40/lb. F.O.B., this is by far the most economical way to purchase beef.

USDA InspectedAll carcasses are inspected and graded by the USDA on a daily basis under strict guidelines. Reflecting the quality, a carcass may be graded USDA Prime, USDA Choice, or USDA Select. A yield grade of 2 or 3 is also stamped on the carcass representing the overall fat covering as well as the size of the ribeye. Yield grade 2 has less fat than yield grade 3 of all the cattle produced at J.W. Treuth, 80% are Choice, yield grade 3, which is highly desirable for flavor and tenderness.

Bio-Medical ResearchBio-Medical Research
Medical laboratories needing fresh products for research turn to J.W. Treuth for eyes, glands, organs, brains, and more. Harvested minutes from the time of slaughter, they are immediately packed in ice and whisked away by courier. Major firms such as the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins University rely on J. W. Treuth for these specialty items in their advancement of medical science.
Beef By-Products
Quality beef by-products, including liver, tongue, bull lips, oxtail, and heart are available. Maryland is known for Chesapeake Blue Crabs, and local crabbers use bull lips produced here for bait. Bull lips are packaged in 20lb and 60lb boxes.

Kosher ProductsKosher ProductsKosher Products
J.W. Treuth has the largest kosher distribution on the East Coast. Rabbis at J. W. Treuth examine every carcass for Glatt Kosher certification. Glatt Kosher represents the highest standard in the kosher meat industry, and only a small percentage of all cattle examined is qualified to receive the Glatt Kosher stamp. This unique beef is certified by Star-K, under strict rabbinic supervision led by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann. After leaving the J. W. Treuth facility, each piece is prepared according to kosher law by salting, soaking, and de-veining before distribution to the public.
Domestic Sales
From Richmond, VA to Boston, MA, we deliver daily!

International SalesInternational Sales
The location of J.W. Treuth is perfect for the international market. Just minutes from both the Port of Baltimore and BWI Airport, our customers save hundreds of dollars in freight expenses. Both 20ft. and 40ft. containers are loaded here, then placed on board the finest shipping companies in the world. The refrigeration temperature is perfectly controlled to insure that the product remains in excellent condition until arrival at the port of preference 1-4 weeks later. Pricing is done on a CIF basis with the product sailing once a Letter of Credit has been obtained. Less than load quantity are available for air freight shipping.
Our prices are directly tied to the daily USDA Cattle Market. As with most commodities, this market is in constant flux, up one day, down the next. However, with mandatory price reporting currently in effect, we can remain competitive with any producer in the country. Most of our customers prefer to have their prices formulated on a daily basis. Click here for an example of USDA daily pricing report.
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