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A family owned business serving the Beef industry for over 100 years with superior quality and customer service! Staffed with very approachable, knowledgeable,and highly respected personnel. We process 100 cattle per day and distribute beef, primarily in carcass form to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Superior cattle result in superior flavor and much of our beef is enjoyed at the finest restaurants in the country! Located just minutes from the Port of Baltimore and BWI Airport, J.W. Treuth is ideal for the international market with products loaded on containers and shipped anywhere in the world!



J.W. Treuth also boasts the largest Kosher distribution on the East Coast.

Quality beef by-products, including liver, tongue, oxtail and heart are also available.

Fresh glands and organs are specially processed and packaged for biomedical research.

Pricing is based on the daily USDA Market and is therefore competitive at all times with other packers.

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