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whole carcass

For over 100 years, J.W. Treuth has been shipping Fresh Beef throughout the United States to the finest wholesalers and retail establishments.


Each day we process beef that is shipped as “hanging or swinging carcasses” on our custom designed refrigerated trucks and delivered to our customers as a federally inspected and graded product.


For customers with specific dock requirements, we are able to “break” carcasses and ship on tree’s/hooks or combo bins.


Our focus has always been on producing the finest meats in the industry with some of the highest prime grading percentages in the country.

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food service

J.W. Treuth has been providing meats to restaurants and hotels for over 100 years and still today we maintain the tradition.


Most meat purveyors claim superior freshness however we can truly make this claim as one of Baltimore/Washington D.C.’s largest meat processors.


Our beef program starts in the fields of local farms where only the most prized black-angus cattle are selected by our cattle buyers.

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USDA prime

Treuth Prime Beef is one of the most sought after meats in the United States and abroad due to the high amount of fine marbling found throughout the cuts.


Abundant fine marbling is what provides the rich beef taste and contributes to the buttery smooth texture of the beef when eaten.


Our beef program has been systematically designed to produce some of the highest percentages of prime meat in the business.


Treuth reserve

Treuth Reserve Beef is hand selected at the upper end of Choice spectrum with abundant marbling and a true tenderness to the cut. As our signature box beef, we take great pride in the consistency of our product from size to quality by following a rigid 9 step process that determines Treuth Reserve.


As an outcome to our beef program, Treuth Reserve is as close to Prime Beef as Choice Beef will allow.

The criteria in which we take:

1 • 85% Solid Black hair coat

2 • High abundance of fine textured marbling

3 • 10-16 inch rib eye

4 • Bright red color

5 • Little to none large fat veins

6 • Free of capillary ruptures

7 • Under 30 months of age

8 • White fat covering under 1 inch

9 • No ossification of bone structure



Treuth Choice

Treuth Choice Beef is a terrific box or whole carcass product that is widely admired for the buttery tenderness and rich beef flavor. Treuth Choice is an economically friendly selection that blends value with quality creating true value for restaurants, purveyors, and grocers.

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